Shower and Bath Repair Troubleshooting

Tub Spout Shower Diverter Shower engages only partially or not at all Tub spout diverter handle is broken or internal gate is broken or corroded Replace entire spout assembly
Ball Type Shower Diverter Diverter valve leaks Worn or damaged cam seal Replace
Worn or damaged adjusting ring Tighten/replace
Shower engages only partially or not at all Worn or damaged seats/springs Replace
Worn or corroded diverter ball Replace
Shower Head Water leaks from around the head Nut holding head to arm is loose Tighten
Washer in shower head is worn Replace
Weak water flow from head Mineral deposit build-up has blocked shower head Remove /disassemble and clean with vinegar if possible, or replace
Bathtub Tub leaks at overflow plate Worn or damaged overflow washer Replace
Trip lever will not separate Corroded or damaged trip lever Clean if possible or replace overflow plate and trip lever
Tub will not hold water Trip lever mechanism is out of adjustment Disassemble and adjust
Trip lever mechanism is damaged or corroded Replace
Worn pop-up stopper O-ring Replace
Tub spout leaks Corroded or damaged spout or nipple Remove and clean or replace